Our Story

Mindful Yoga & Meditation is a place for a holistic practice to reconnect with your whole self. We use tools such as yoga, meditation, breath work and reiki to guide you back to feeling like your best self again. The studio holds a variety of semi private classes, one to one sessions, and annual retreats to expand your practice whether you are a beginner or have prior experience with any of these healing tools. We offer smaller sized classes and private sessions to encourage connections and individualized support. Retreats are offered on a yearly basis to give you the time and space to return to yourself again. When you walk into the studio space you'll feel a deep sense of community and the comfort of home. 

Heather McClelland opened Mindful Yoga & Meditation in January of 2018. The name was inspired by her own personal practice. When breaking down the literal meaning of vinyasa (a style Heather often practices and teaches) - to place in a special way - it reminds us to be mindful in the movements taken during a class but more importantly in our lives.

Meet The Team