I don't know about you, but one of our favorite things at Mindful are finding other small businesses with a product that we love and invites us towards a more holistic journey of feeling our best selves. Some of these companies are affiliates and others we share just because, either way they are all products that we LOVE and stand by 100%. 

This product might be my number one favorite right now. I use this just about every night and in some of my yoga classes. This is perfect to use for those nights that your mind is racing and need to feel grounded, calm, and centered. It'll get you to sleep in no time!

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Just recently I started drinking cacao and finding the ritual of preparing and consuming it to be extremely meditative. Typically, I drink it when I feel called and that I need it, which is usually at night. You can find lots of information online and specifically at The Cacao Laboratory's website. They do a great job explaining the history of preparing and the ceremony around cacao. 

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