Mindful Experience

The Mindful Experience is a class like no other. You'll move through a two hour experience in an environment that will give you the space to fully connect with your body, mind & senses. Each session will be inspired by the seasons, time of day & the collective energy. It is only open to four students and each of those students will get a class customized just for them, no experience is ever the same. We aim for each class to feel as if you just took yoga, went to the spa, and had a bite to eat all seamlessly woven together within 12o minutes.

You'll leave feeling revived, refreshed and like you've been seen & taken care of.  

We offer a Mindful Experience class twice a month and upon registering for class you will receive a short questionnaire to make the experience unique for you and your needs.


Cost: $75-$108

White Sands

Hear what others have to say

The Mindful Experience truly felt like a mini retreat. Heather took the time to personalize each of our experiences, adding such perfect little details that added to the overall experience. I left the studio feeling relaxed and refreshed, which was so needed during these stressful times. I cannot wait to attend another one! Thank you so much, Heather.