Desert Hike

check in with yourself daily

A simplified daily worksheet to check in with your body, mind and intuition

Trying to decipher what's in your head and what's your intuition can be tricky. You probably have questions like what even is my intuition and how do I start to listen to it? This simplified worksheet is the perfect and easy way to start to connect to your "inner compass" aka your intuition. There's 3 slightly different worksheets you'll get which will help you get in touch with your body, energy, and soul.


You can pick your own adventure each day!

Inner Compass Daily Worksheet


Each worksheet gives you:

  • An intentional moment to check in with yourself

  • Connect to the moment

  • Become aware of how you're feeling

  • Come closer to your intuition

Leaving you feeling:

  • Centered

  • Confident

  • At Ease

Whether you're just getting started on connecting to your intuition or are a seasoned intuitive this is a perfect daily practice for you!