the mindful experience

The Mindful Experience is a class like no other. You'll move through a two hour experience in an environment that will give you the space to fully connect with your body, mind & senses. Each session will be inspired by the seasons, time of day & the collective energy. It is only open to four students and each of those students will get a class customized just for them, no experience is ever the same. We aim for each class to feel as if you just took yoga, went to the spa, and had a bite to eat all seamlessly woven together within 12o minutes.

You'll leave feeling revived, refreshed and like you've been seen & taken care of.  

We offer a Mindful Experience class twice a month and upon registering for class you will receive a short questionnaire to make the experience unique for you and your needs.


Cost: $75 

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The Mindful Experience: Home Session

The Mindful Experience can also be brought to your home for you and your closest family & friends. Host a special customized experience for all of your best people. We will chat with you beforehand to get a feel for the exact vibe you're looking for and then we will bring all the necessary items to give you all the best experience possible. Send us an email HERE to schedule your Mindful Experience: Home Session