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401 E Genesee St
Fayetteville, Onondaga County 13066

*Located in back of building

Photos by: Allison Baird


Mindful Space is a way to help you create that same sense of relaxation you feel in a yoga studio in your own home. You can create a space in your home to continue your yoga or meditation practice for the days you can't make it to a class. Heather will spend some time with you to figure out what goals you have for the space and help you achieve them. This can be anything from giving you ideas on what to do or helping you to physically put the space together. 

For $129 Heather will come to your home for 1.5 hours to figure out what your goals are and give you ideas on how to create a sacred and comforting place to practice.


Any additional help you need to create a yoga/meditation space Heather will provide you with a quote based on what your needs, goals, and budget are. 

To schedule an appointment or inquire about the process of Mindful Space you can contact Heather through our contact page here.