Back to the topic of creating space.

Lets go back to this topic of creating space. Last night in class I chatted about it and then we started to create more space in our body using the breath. We moved through class, opened the chest and then settled in to relax in savasana. I had everyone invite in energy that they were needing or desiring, allowing that energy to come in and flow through the body with their breath.

Fast forward to this morning...I woke up, Marty my son was slightly cranky and I felt the urge that I needed some space to reset. So I took action, got him a sitter for 2 hours so I could go sit and be alone for a bit. My intention was to not do work but here I am writing you an email lol.

I sat down at my favorite coffee shop, Soleil Cafe, and enjoyed a latte and scone. Resisting the urge to look at my phone or put on a podcast or call someone. Instead of multitasking, just sit and be, enjoy the meal.

After about a half hour, this idea that's been brewing in my head came to life and I had to take a small action towards it....which then led me here to share this experience with you.

I challenge you to do the same today. Try and do one thing only, let go of trying to save time by doing multiple things at once and choose only one thing to do. See if anything comes from that. This is how we create space for ideas, inspiration, peace, love, whatever it is that's trying to come through to us, to actually come in.

With love,


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