Homemade Broth

This isn't so much a recipe but more of a tip to use in your kitchen.

I'm not sure about you but I've never been a huge fan of boxed stocks or broths. Anytime I've used them for cooking soups or other meals they seem to lack flavor or are just plain salty. So, I've come up with a pretty easy solution.

Make your own!

What I do, and have been doing for a few years now, is keeping a two freezer bags in my freezer, one is dedicated to veggie scraps and then other is dedicated to chicken scraps. Whenever you're making a meal and it calls for something like garlic or onion, instead of taking the peels and throwing them away, I toss them in my veggie freezer bag. I do the same for carrot peels, the scraps of bell peppers, celery, tomatoes, etc. basically anything that might be yummy in a veggie stock. I also do the same if veggies are starting to go "bad" in my fridge. For example, if you have a tomato that over ripe and too mushy or celery that isn't crisp anymore, they aren't necessarily inedible but they probably just won't taste as good fresh, so instead of tossing them out, I throw them in the freezer bag. Once the freezer bag is filled up I'll pick a day that I'll be home all day and them toss all the veggies in a big pot of water. I typically add some salt, pepper, a couple bay leaves, maybe some oregano or basil. You can change the seasoning depending on what you have. Every time I make this it's different so get creative! If you want a broth that's a little on the spicier side, add some cayenne or red pepper flakes. Simmer on low heat, covered for several hours. Every couple of hours give your broth a taste to see if it has flavor, if not keep it on. You'll know when it's done because it'll have a good flavor! Strain out all the veggies. Now a lot of the veggies have cooked down and soaked up the water you added so be sure to pressed out a lot of the liquid when straining. I use a mesh strainer and a wooden spoon to press out some of the juices. After its all been strained, I divide my broth into quart containers and store in my freezer!

If you'd like to make chicken broth I do the exact same thing but with chicken and the veggies. We try to keep chicken breast, drumsticks, or wings in our freezer to cut back on going to the store all the time. Kevin usually preps it and will marinate it ahead of time and then freeze. When hes prepping the chicken there is usually some fatty pieces on the chicken breast so he cuts that off and throws it in our chicken broth freezer bag. Same goes for any bones that come from the drumsticks or wings, we throw those into the freezer bags instead of throwing them away. Another way to make super flavorful chicken broth is with a rotisserie chicken. We get rotisserie chickens on a fairly regular basis because it's super easy, quick and yummy. After you've finished eating what you can from the chicken toss the bones and anything left into water and let it simmer for several hours (you can add your veggies too.) Strain just as we did for the veggie broth and then freeze.

Hope this helps you reuse any scraps that you'd normally throw away and use them to make delicious homemade broth!

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