Soul Message

There’s a lot of confusion and chaos right now. Right now is the best time to turn within to heal inner wounds, to open our eyes to our light. When we all focus and practice our own healing, everything else will slow down, the chaos will subside. And we’ll all begin to live in a place from our heart, rather than ego and mind. We don’t need to completely destroy our ego, we need our mind, but we have to find a balance in ourselves. Right now we are so out of balance, the ego and mind are taking over and the heart, the love has been lost. So we have to find that better balance in ourselves, we have to do the work ourselves. You cannot force anyone else to do the work. You do it on your own and others will follow. Each of you reading has a light within, has a beauty within, you need to turn inward to see that and let that shine. And it’s not what you think you want or what will be perceived as “cool,” it has to be authentic. Who are you really? Once that has come to the surface, allow it to extend outside of you for others to see. We are all in a deep place right now of needing self reflection.

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