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This topic has been coming up quite a bit for me lately. In my reiki sessions, my own life, interviews that I’ve listened to. I’ve sat on this for a bit to consciously think about it before I wrote down my thoughts.

Here’s a few things I wanted to share...

  1. Most of us I think are in a place where we are stuffed with baggage. If we think of ourselves as a suitcase, we have so much stuff in it (thoughts, old energy, external info coming at us) that we literally cannot fit one more shirt or sock in it. But the thing is, we want all the “good” feelings like joy, happiness, and creativity too. We desire things and a community but we literally have no room for it to come in because our bag is overflowing. We have got to pull out some of those old pants, shirts, shoes to make room for those things we desire to fit. Now, this process of taking items out of our bag should probably go slow because who the hell knows what’s even in our bag? What items of clothing are shoved way at the bottom? With the pandemic and having extra time and space to just sit and be...kind of forced us to start digging around in the bag and it felt maybe overwhelming. Now you’re probably feeling more stress or anxiety because these old pieces of clothing started to make their way to the top of the bag. I’ll give some tips on how to deal with this at the bottom of the email.

  2. The next thing I want to talk about is self care and the industry of it. We are constantly forced to look at what new supplement, workout, book, podcast, will miraculously make us “feel better.” We get into this habit of constantly “doing the work” that we don’t give space to sit back and look at how far we’ve come. It’s almost like planting a garden. We plant the seed (us) and then give it water, sunlight etc. But instead of just walking away and letting it do it’s thing and grow, we decide wait, that’s not the right spot in the garden so we dig it up and plant it somewhere else, and then think “oh it needs more water” so we water it 15x a day, then it doesn’t grow overnight so we dig it back up because we think oh that must not be the best spot in the garden. We are CONSTANTLY smothering the plant that it can’t grow, even if we have the best intentions. You have to leave it alone to see the growth.

  3. The last thing I want to touch on is thoughts. I was listening to an interview with Miki Agrawal (founder of Tushy) and she was talking about our thoughts being like window shoppers. I fricken loved this. Our thoughts are constant and when they get out of control it can send you into an anxiety attack or feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do. Then when we try to practice yoga or meditation we have this MAJOR expectation that our mind should suddenly stop. We should stop thinking all together for the next 20 minutes. Then that doesn’t happen so we give up. If we instead take this idea of our thoughts being like window shoppers, you can take the control back over. Your on the inside of the store and you see someone walk by and stop, they wave and ask if the store is open and can come in. You have 2 choices...say yeah sure! Or nope were closed. Sometimes you might have that person or group of people banging on the doors yelling and screaming to let them in BUT you still have the power to say nope and watch them walk away. If you do let those people in they’re bound to start running your store their way without even asking you. This sounds pretty ridiculous right? Who would let a group of customers come in and start running a business the way they want? Dealing with money, business decisions, what products are ordered. No one. But it’s something we do to ourselves everyday. We let our thoughts run the show for YEARS. With meditation, it’s a practice to help us learn how to say we’re closed when we want to be and how to say we’re open when those creative, innovative or inspiring people stop by. But we have to create the space to learn how to do this.

Okay so what are some ways that you can create more space? Explore for yourself but here’s a few idea:

  1. Meditation

  2. Yoga

  3. Walking outside

  4. Journaling

  5. Reiki

  6. Massage

  7. Turning off notifications on phone

  8. Turning phone, tv, laptop off all together

  9. Deleting social media or setting time limits for it

  10. Dancing

  11. Singing

  12. Decluttering your house

  13. Get rid of those old clothes, mugs, shoes you don’t need anymore

  14. Clear plans from your schedule

  15. Gardening

  16. Bike ride

  17. Anything else that feels good to you and spacious.

If you find with the first example that you feel an increase in anxiety or that some old clothing is resurfacing, ask yourself what you need. Maybe it’s a professional to help you move through it. Maybe it’s sitting with the energy or emotion and letting it release. Ask yourself and then listen.

I decided to do an experiment with myself for the next few days, meditation in the morning and at night to see what happens when I create that space to just sit. If you’d like to join him with me let me know! It’s nothing formal but just a little experiment.

If you aren’t joining in that’s totally cool to...I’d love to hear how you either already create space or how you plan too.

With love,


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