The Best Omelette

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Okay so I found this video on Youtube a few months back with how to make a french omelette and I can't stop eating them. Seriously. Its a problem. I might be addicted haha. I'm not really an egg person either. I used to eat maybe 1 egg every other month but now I eat 3-4 a day because of this omelette tutorial. If you don't eat eggs... I'm sorry I'm not sure how to replace the eggs in this one.

First thing you need to do is go watch this 7 minute video on how to make them. The key is BUTTER add it before, during, and after the omelette making process.

Now that you've watched that, we can move on to the rest of the recipe. Typically I fill it with whatever I have left in the fridge, wilted spinach, half wrinkly tomatoes, half dried out mushrooms lol, but today I made one that was particularly good. I don't really measure things so I'll do my best to guess how much of everything I added.

What you'll need:

3-4 Eggs (single serving, if I'm making one big enough to share I'll double that and make one big omelette and then split it in half)

1/4 C Rinsed Black Beans


4-5 Grape Tomatoes cut in half

1 Green Onion

Chopped Cilantro


1 Chili Pepper in Adobo Sauce (this is fricken spicy so be careful lol)

1 Charred Poblano Pepper

2ish Tablespoons Water

3 Cloves Garlic

Small Chunk of Red Onion (maybe an 1/8th of a red onion? any other onion will do, whatever you have on hand)

Phase 1: Sauce

You'll want to make this first, that way it's ready to go when you need it. This will probably make way more than you need but I just put it in a jar and threw it in my fridge to put on other things throughout the week.

Start by broiling your Poblano pepper. You want it to be somewhat charred on the outside. This usually takes about 7 minutes. I flip it over half way through.

Once the pepper is charred throw everything for the sauce in a blender or food processor. If it seems extremely thick, add a splash more water.

And voila! Your sauce is done. Easy peasy.

Phase 2. Omelette time.

Put a smaller pan on medium heat. Add a little butter and melt.

Then add your beans, the white part of the green onion, and tomatoes.

Cook until they are warmed up, about 2-4 minutes.

While that's cooking crack your eggs into a bowl. Add salt and pepper and whisk.

Take the veggies out of the pan and put into a separate bowl.

Add more butter (small chunk) and melt.

Make omelette according to the video I mentioned above.

DO NOT FORGET to add the butter once you add the eggs in. IT IS KEY

Turn off the stove and add your veggies into the omelette.

Roll it out of the pan and onto a plate.

Top with your sauce and add the chopped cilantro and green part of your green onion.

Add some toast on the side and your done!


Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did this morning.

PS. No picture because I ate it all too fast haha

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