retreat and find yourself again.

The Mindful Yoga & Meditation retreats are designed to give you the time and space to return to yourself again. We offer a few different retreats and they each have a special energy + intention behind them. 


Heather McClelland + Emma Gonzalez lead you through a women's weekend of yoga and meditation that is crafted around reawakening the connections with ourselves, others + nature. You're tucked away on a ten acre homestead with a historic barn, walking trails through a wooded patch, and a secret garden nestled behind the barn to practice meditation + yoga. The days will be consumed with yoga to deepen your connections, free time to roam, journal or relax, and specialized treatments to give your body + mind the break it needs. Each day will begin with a practice followed by breakfast in silence. At night we’ll gather around the campfire for a satsang or spiritual gathering, to play music or reflect on our day. Various activities will be intertwined throughout the day to connect with those on the retreat, connect with mother nature + reconnect with our true selves. 

This retreat is local to Syracuse and held in the Fall.


Inward is a small, intimate meditation retreat that is aimed to guide you in and learn about yourself on a deeper level. You will be guided through 3 days of various meditations to bathe in silence. We are often very over stimulated so this is the perfect opportunity to truly disconnect and be a witness to what arises when you simply stop and breathe. We only open this retreat up to 5 individuals to keep the feeling intimate and special. Upon registering you will be sent a short questionnaire to help us get to know you and why you're choosing to participate on the Inward retreat. Housing and homemade Ayruvedic meals are all included and you will have the option to add a reiki session on to compliment your experience. You will also be welcomed with a curated collection of items to utilize during and after the retreat. Each gift is customized for each individual participant.

This retreat is offered in the wintertime located a few hours away from Syracuse.


Nurture is defined as "care for and encourage the growth or development of," this virtual retreat will guide you to do just that for yourself within the comfort of your home.


Over the course of the three days you'll be provided with daily meditations, both live and pre-recorded yoga classes, workshops, recipes, journal prompts along with much more to give you all the tools you need for this special weekend.

This retreat can be done on your own time at your own pace!

All Three Days- $89

One Day- $35

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