Taking A Walk Within

feel confident in who you are

An 6 week guide to take a walk within where you'll find out who you are from the outside in. 

Feeling like you've strayed off the path and suddenly you're questioning who you even are? 

I hear you.

I was once in your spot.

This 6 Week program encompasses many of the tools that helped me in reconnecting and finding who I was. They helped me to find my path and how to stay on that.

I've taken all the  most useful tools I've learned over the past 8 years and incorporated into these 6 weeks. 

In this program we slowly walk inwards, starting with the physical body and eventually ending with the soul. Beginning a journey like this can feel overwhelming, which is why we start with the basics, connecting to your intuition through movement. Each week you'll walk a little deeper and discover some beautiful parts of yourself. 

I look forward to being your guide and showing you how beautiful you are. 


What are the dates?

Sunday Afternoons

October 17th-November 21st


Am I right for this workshop?

If you feel like you've been searching for a deeper connection to yourself this is perfect for you, even if you are new to the journey of connecting to your intuition. 

What will I gain from this workshop?

You'll gain insight as to who you are on the inside, connection with yourself and others in the group, energetic alignment, clarity, confidence, and tools to continue your walk after the workshop ends. 

What is included in this workshop?

All the weekly gatherings + A Guide Map, One:One Reiki Session, and a Soul Message Reading.


How much is it?


Payment Plan Available (Half paid at time of registration and remaining paid half way through. Email Heather HERE to reserve your spot with payment plan)

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